Out With the Old, In With the New: A Look Back

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a festive – but safe New Year’s Eve!

Now that it’s officially over, looking back 2010 wasn’t as mediocre or bad (for me) as it was for others. And I’m truly lucky and grateful for that. Sure it was eventful and stressful (at times), but all in all it was a good year filled with a great family, great friends, and some really great books! It was also a year that, without realizing it, I accomplished many goals that are (and always will be) consistent in my life.

I’m a writer first – before I’m a librarian, blogger, reader, I’m a writer. And since the start of grad school I’ve been looking to get back to that. 2010 not only brought on the start of this here blog, but it also brought on a wave of creative writing. I found myself writing on a daily basis – mostly reviews and book of the week posts, but writing none the less.  Because of this daily writing I started working on a collection of short stories based upon Island folklore. My goal is a collection of ten stories and in 2010 I was able to write two full stories.  Granted, that’s not a lot of headway, but I think it’s a solid start. 

Speaking of grad school … it was this hulking presence (not in a bad hulking presence kind of way) that loomed overhead for the past two years making my life a bit more busy, a bit more frustrating, a bit more stressful, and surprisingly a bit more fun. I spent two full years thinking the end will never come (it did), I spent two full years practically reading (which is great), two full years getting to know and befriend many wonderful people who I am thankful I could call friends – not just classmates (one such wonderful person is fellow blogger Miss Print, she’s awesome as is her blog), and in two full years I’ve had the chance to grow into a field I didn’t think I would ever be a part of. But as of December 15th, 2010 my time in grad school was (finally) complete! It’s an awesome feeling to know that I actually have (or will have in March) a Master’s Degree.

Besides writing and finishing grad school 2010 also brought an amazing opportunity in the form of an internship (which, when offered I first jumped up and down – literally  in the streets of Manhattan and then I quickly accepted the position) in which I would work in the children’s department at a New Jersey public library. I can’t express how much I love what I do – from readers advisory to planning programs to my weekly story time. It’s all been, not only a great experience, but a true learning experience. And I love how it has totally enabled my reading habits (which often times leads me to being a hermit because I’m so wrapped up in whatever I’m reading) in a good way.

Working/interning at a library has definitely enabled my reading habits, and has also broaden my tastes. And to say the least, I’ve definitely read my share of children’s books (hey, I’m a big kid at heart!), all of which ended up on my 2010 reading list/challenge. 2009 I vowed to read 100 books so when 2010 rolled around I vowed I would read 150 books. Now that I mentioned what my goal was, I bet you’re wondering if I made it or not, and if I did how many did I actually read, right? In 2009 I not only read 100 books, but I surpassed my challenge goal by ten. I’m very happy, and surprisingly shocked that in 2010 I actually read two hundred and fifty-five  (255- and that’s assuming my math is correct) books (crazy, I know, but that total is including children’s picture books, graphic novels, audio books, ya books, and children’s chapter books)! And that’s all thanks to grad school and to being an intern!

I suppose you want to see the list. Because of how long it is I am not going to post it within this post, however it will be a separate post that will not only contain my 2010 reading list, but will also have my top books of 2010.

Once again, all in all 2010 wasn’t a bad year for me, and I truly hope that it wasn’t for anyone else! Happy New Year!