Spaceheadz by Jon Scieszka

All Michael K. wants is to fit in at his new school – to fit in and make some new friends. But when he’s roped into showing weirdo Bob and pencil eating Jennifer the ins and outs of his new classroom, he realizes that Bob and Jennifer are not the kinds of kids he wants to be friends with. Michael K. isn’t mean, not at all.

There’s something strange about Bob and Jennifer.  It’s not how they look, it’s how they act. They don’t understand the concept of lining up, they’re speak as if they’re walking television ads, and oddly they can communicate with the class hamster, Fluffy – who seems to understand them. It’s as if they are … aliens. But that’s impossible. Or is it?

Bob and Jennifer are grade A aliens, sent to earth on a very specific mission. They’re sent to recruit  3, 400, 001 earthlings to become SPHDZ (Spaceheadz, that is). If they don’t, the earth will be turned off…completely. What does this mean? Michael K. really doesn’t know, and the more he tries to dodge and dismiss his new-found alien friends the more he is thrust into their recruiting plans. With the help of Michael K., the boy they think could do anything, will these Spaceheadz fulfill their mission? Or will it be too late .. for them and for earth?

Jon Scieszka has written a laugh out loud funny sci-fi adventure that isn’t only written for children, but for children of all ages. Finding something for everyone this book will keep readers engaged and entertained from the first page to the last. Smart, quirky, and written in true Scieszka style, SPHDZ reveals the trials and tribulations of being a fifth grader. Facing problems like fitting in, finding ones place within the world, and understanding different people with different personalities are among the challenges that SPHDZ relatable characters are faced with.
Besides the writing and the comedic illustrations, SPHDZ is a book that is breaking boundaries. How? Scieszka and company have intertwined a variety of websites/links into the text allowing readers move smoothly between two different worlds. Readers will flock to these sites just as quickly as they will flock to the remaining books in this new series.
SPHDZ is short, sweet, and gets right to the heart of the action. It’s the perfect book for both boys and girls, for advanced readers and for reluctant readers. It’s sure to please whatever need is looking to be filled.