The Ten Days of Ruby Oliver

Food For Thought, Random

In honor of E. Lockhart’s newest book coming out – Real Live Boyfriends – I thought I would do something special. Why? Because not only is this one of the few series where I’ve read all the books (with the exception of Real Live Boyfriends, because it hasn’t been released yet), but because E. Lockhart is one of my most favorite authors, and Ruby Oliver is awesome (this goes without saying, so are the books!).

I’ve decided for the next ten days (from December 18th to December 28th – Real Live Boyfriends release date) I will post one (personal) thought, aspect, opinion, feelings, thing about the Ruby Oliver series, and why everyone should love it, like I do. At the end of the 10 Days of Ruby Oliver, I may (possibly)¬†give something away (details to come).

So, let the count down begin!

December 18th, 2010:

10. Ruby Oliver is real – she’s one of the most honest, realistic, believable, and relatable characters in YA.