Book of the Week: Fanny

Book of the Week, Children's

Fanny by Holly Hobbie

Published:  Little Brown Books for Young Readers 2005

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose this book as Book of the Week:

Fanny is very elf-like. She’s adorable, and wears the cutest oval-shaped glasses.

Fanny is determined, resourceful, and creative.

Fanny is a relatable character. No matter of the age, girls can relate to her wants every little girl dreams of a superstar-esque doll (I wanted a Jem doll … or all the Jem dolls).

The book shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s okay if you think something is beautiful even though everyone else laughs at it and calls it ugly or “unprofessional”.

Fanny is extremely talented and puts her talents to good use.

It’s funny.

The color scheme used within the book complete suit the story being told – girly, charming, and soft.

Fanny is a strong character, she really sets a good example to all young girls out there (girl power!)

The writing is strong yet simple.

I love the cover of this book.

The illustrations are fun and have an almost whimsical feel to them.

I love that Fanny loves to sew – it seems like a hobby that so many girls have forgotten about. It’s a very vintage hobby.

I think this book could inspire some readers/girls to learn how to sew (it inspired me at least)

Even though it’s a story about a girl and her doll, it isn’t the typical doll or a typical story.

I understand why Fanny’s mother doesn’t like the “look” of the Connie doll Fanny so desperately wants. There are a lot of dolls on the toy shelves today, and quite frankly they are ugly.

Fanny’s doll is as much a part of her as she is of her doll, and it shows that that’s important to any doll owners.

It made me think of my own favorite doll – Sam (whom I’ve had since I was a month old. Like Fanny’s doll she has hair made of yarn!)

I like how it showed how every doll is unique and has its own personality – just like their owners.

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