Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist: Flight of the Phoenix


Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist: Flight of the Phoenix by R.L. LaFevers

For as long as he could remember Nathaniel “Nate” Fludd’s parents have been on an adventure. An adventure that he was too young for, he’s to wait until he’s eight years old and when they send for him. Problem is, he’s ten and his parents have yet to send word.
Maybe it’s because he’s different from his fellow Fludd’s. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t found his adventurous side yet. Or because being ten years old is still too young to go off and do … whatever it is his parents do.
But when he finds out his parents have been declared ‘lost at sea’ he knows his whole life is about to change – but for the good or the bad? Sent to live with Phil A. Fludd, Nate is a bit apprehensive. This Phil person lives in, what looks to Nate, and eerie old house, risking the possibility of bumping into a few bats. Nate isn’t looking forward to this. Until he meets Phil, who by surprise, is actually a woman (short for Philomena).
Together, they travel in a rickety plane (which Nate isn’t sure will make it) to set up camp in a desert where they will wait to see the Phoenix rise from the ashes. Nate didn’t realize that Phoenix’s were real, but after meeting, saving, and befriending a gremlin who is he to judge such things of this nature? It’s not like he’s a real beastologist…or is he. Through action-packed adventure Nate comes to terms with who he is, and finds that missing link that will forever tie him to his family and his lost at sea parents.
R. L. LaFevers has created a highly imaginative and lovable story from start to finish, and has paved the way and set standards high for other titles in the Nathaniel Fludd series. Charming and humorous, LaFevers has written strong characters full of wit and gumption – a mix not seen too often.  Quick – paced and action packed, Nathaniel Fludd starts out feeling like a Lemony Snickett book, but readers will soon realize this book is far less dismal than A Series of Unfortunate Events. 
LaFevers has easily captured readers and will keep them coming back looking for more Beastologist adventures.Full of endearing illustrations, Nathaniel Fludd is full of the unimaginable – fuel guzzling gremlins and beautifully rare phoenix’s. The illustrations bring these things (and more) to life, making it easy to believe.  As if this book couldn’t get better than what it already is, it’s topped off with a Glossary full of Beastologist terms that every Beastologist and want-to-be Beastologist will have to know.