Book of the Week: The Clouds Above

Book of the Week, Young Adult

The Clouds Above by Jordan Crane

Published: 2008 Fantagraphics Books

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

It’s an imaginative  story that will make readers think.

There’s a lot of pink featured in this book.

Even though pink is one of the primary colors used, it’s a book that both girls and guys can enjoy.

The characters are unique. Simon is a curious little boy, and Jack is “afraidy” cat.

Even though both Simon and Jack are scared at one point or another, they are courageous and continue on with their adventure.

They aren’t only characters, they are friends. When their friendship is put to the test, neither will let the other down.

It’s short and sweet – great for any reluctant readers.

Even though this book may be classified as a Young Adult book, it’s a suitable story for any age. In fact, I think a younger audience would really appreciate it.

It shows the lengths kids will go to get out of going to school. It also shows how a bad and/or miserable teacher could negatively affect a child’s life and school life.

Neither the back or inside cover has a brief summary of what the plot was. I like how this let readers guess at what was going to happen within the pages. It allows the reader to have some control over the plot, even if what they think will happen doesn’t.

Allows readers to judge books by their covers.

The illustrations are simple yet creative, and because this book isn’t dialog heavy, the illustrations really move the plot along.

Each character has his own voice, and that the dialog reflected that.

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