The Red Blazer Girls: The Ring of Rocamadour


The Red Blazer Girls: The Ring of Rocamadour by Michael D. Beil

Sophie St. Pierre is destined to be a writer … or at least that’s what she’s told every single person she knows. But in order for her to be a writer she must have a story to tell, and she must finish the story. Up until now, she only has several half-finished short stories, and a mere three almost novels. The thing is, Sophie doesn’t have a story to tell, not yet. But that all changes when she and her fellow Red Blazer Girls Margaret and Rebecca meet Ms. Harriman – St. Veronica’s next door neighbor and the supposed ghost Sophie saw staring at her from the church window.

As of recently, this eccentric old gal known for her outlandish and outdated sense of style, has stumbled upon the first clue of a puzzle never solved and long forgotten. Many, many years ago (waaay before the Red Blazer Girls were even born) Ms. Harriman’s late father hid several mathematic and linguistic clues leading his beloved granddaughter Caroline to her fourteenth birthday present – the extremely valuable Ring of Rocamadour, the same ring that St. Veronica herself wore. Unfortunately, Caroline never found her birthday present. Mr. Harriman died just before taking the clues and the rings hiding place to the grave with him. Fifteen years have passed, and the case has been opened.

Sophie and company are intrigued, and are soon enlisted to solve this mysterious puzzle, find the ring, and return it to its rightful own.  This whirlwind scavenger hunt sends the Red Blazer Girls searching high and low throughout St. Veronica’s church and all of New York City. Bit by bit, clue by clue the girls move closer and closer to uncovering the ring’s location. The problem is, someone is hot on their trail, following the girl’s every move to lead them to the same coveted item the girl’s are looking for. But who? How? Why?

The girls know they have to solve the puzzle, and solve it quickly before the Ring of Rocamadour falls into the clutches of another.

Full of fun and mystery, Michael D. Beil’s The Red Blazer Girls: The Ring of Rocamadour, will keep readers on their toes. Keeping them guessing, readers will solve the given clues as if they were one of the Red Blazer Girls. Beil’s writing is strong, and he writes a well-rounded story that any reader will enjoy.

Full of sass and wit, each of Beil’s characters have a voice and personality of her own. Especially leader Sophie who is a shining example of strong female leads. Sophie has a quick comeback for everything – typical New Yorker – that readers will not be able to resist laughing out loud to.