Book of the Week: Mostly Monsterly

Book of the Week, Children's

Mostly Monsterly by Tammi Sauer

Published:2010  Simon & Schuster

Reasons why I liked, and chose this book as Book of the Week:

Bernadette is the cutest monster around … seriously.

She’s not typical. She thinks and acts outside of the monster box. For example, during Monster Moves class where everyone is practicing their best lurching skills, Bernadette suggests a group hug instead.

Any story that features sprinkled cupcakes gets an A+ in my book.

The name of Bernadette’s school is Monster Academy (I thought that was the nam of my high school on the first day of freshman year ha ha ha).

The pages of the book are different colors, and really set the mood for the story.

It shows it’s okay to be different, and that even though you are different you could still fit in.

It shows that making friends isn’t the easiest of all tasks, but with hard work and understanding, it is possible.

Ultimately, it sends the message of acceptance and understanding. Bernadette needed to understand her fellow monsters to fit in, just as they needed to understand her to accept her.

The writing is catchy, and at moments even rhymes.

The illustrations really draw readers in.

Each monster is unique, and they illustrate the point that they aren’t scary.

It’s a story with a classic message that has been reinvented and reimagined – making it uniquely one of a kind.

I like that Bernadette likes to pick flowers, and bake. She’s not one-dimensional.

It’s a well-rounded story featuring a well-rounded, relatable (and of course, loveable) character.

Bernadette is determined, and she has a lot of spunk.