Book of the Week: Presenting Tallulah

Presenting Tallulah by Tori Spelling

Published: Aladdin 2010

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

The illustrations are beautiful, fun, and most of all – charming.

Tallulah isn’t what she appears to be. I like how it shows that people are different, on the outside and on the inside.

It’s a good example to show children how others feel when they are singled out, or just don’t fit in.

Tallulah, ruffled dress and all, has a big heart, and isn’t afraid to follow it

Tallulah is brave. She puts aside her own fears to help someone else in need.

She’s set a good example.

The writing captures the authenticity of Tallulah’s voice. It’s strong.

It’s colorful.

I loved how this book is so full of emotions – from the characters to how the readers reading it will feel.

It’s a feel good story for all, with a really great message.

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