Book of the Week: A Balloon for Isabel

A Balloon for Isabel by Deborah Underwood

Published: Greenwillow Books 2010

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

Even though I don’t particularly love where animals, as characters, are fully dressed, I thought these characters were lovable and charming, not weird or disturbing.

The book is full of charm and wit – from the story to the featured characters (especially Walter and Isabel)

It could show children that everyone is different. Can also show that just because they are different on the outside does not me they should be excluded from doing something.

Isabel is daring, she thinks outside of the box, and is an all around lovable character.

Isabel sets an example of how to be persistent, and how to work hard towards earning what you want.

It’s funny – I found myself laughing at loud, especially when Walter and Isabel decided to wrap pillows around their quills (they porcupines) and end up poking holes in them.

It’s colorful, and attention grabbing.

Even though the characters are small, child-like animals the story is realistic.

It’s relatable – not only to the children who feel different or left out, but to all readers big, small, animal, or human.