Book of the Week: Little Blue

Little Blue by Gaye Chapman

Published: 2010 Little Hare Books

Reasons why I liked this book,  and chose this as Book of the Week:

It’s a unique book, about something most people wouldn’t think to write a children’s book about.

It’s has a fairytale quality about it – from the plot to the illustrations.

Even though there isn’t a bit of white space on the pages, the illustrations do not dominate the book or the story.

There are faces hidden within trees.

Little Blue has a doll-like quality about her, which is subtle hint as to who she is and where her home is.

It’s a story of hope, and of finding oneself.

Everytime this book is read, something new is discovered.

It’s a quest story specifically for a younger audience.

This book isn’t just a book – it’s a work of art that all can appreciate.