Book of the Week: Henry in Love

Henry in Love by Peter McCarty

Published: 2009 by Balzer + Bray

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose this book as book of the week:

It’s a sweet story about first love.

Unlike many children’s books, the illustrations are quite, humble even.

Henry, is a loveable character.

Even though I’m kind of weirded¬†out by animals in clothes, McCarty’s book didn’t give me that weirded out feeling.

The illustrations weren’t only beautiful, but they were accurate. Chloe (Henry’s love interest) was a rabbit, and if you were to look closely you could see each piece of fur in his illustrations.

The blueberry muffin was bright blue in color.

I liked the message that sharing can bring people together.

Henry is quiet, but he’s courageous.

The writing is simple and strong and isn’t dependant of the illustrations.