Lost and Found

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Let me tell you a story…

When I was in grammar school, our school library wasn’t a particularly great library.  Yes, it had plenty of books, but many were so dusty you could barely see the cover art. For the most part, most students (at least in my class) checked out the same book each week. And for the most part that book was a brightly colored book about nature.

But not me – I had to be the different one. We had assigned seats in library. You see we went to the school library once a week for an hour or so, we’d pick our books and have quiet reading time. Once a year, as a class we’d pick one book and read it as a whole. On even rarer occasions the school librarian would allow to have class discussions – about books, about what was going on in the world, etc..

Anyway, we had assigned seats, and I remember being at the first table closest to the door. I also remember that every time I looked at the book shelf one book always caught my eye. Curious, I checked out that dust-covered book. I remember loving the cover art for some reason. I remember liking the book, however now I haven’t a clue as to what it was about.  For some reason I never forgot that book (okay, I’ll admit I forgot the author, but when you’re in second grade that doesn’t always matter). It was called A Grass Rope. I haven’t seen this book since. Every so often I think about this book, and think how much I would like to read it once again.

This week, A Grass Rope popped into my mind. After thinking about it for a whole afternoon I decided it was about time I searched Amazon for it – and found it!  I found that it was written by William Mayne, and that no library that I belong to has it.  I also found out that I could buy a copy from Amazon for $70 (for a new copy, which I will NOT be purchasing, however I may buy a used copy for $7).

For some reason, finding this book, and finding out that this book wasn’t just all in my head made me really happy (and excited cause now I could own my own copy).

Are there any books that you read when you were little, have forgotten about, and have been reunited with? If so, feel free to share your thoughts!