Demon Princess: Reign or Shine

Demon Princess:Reign or Shine by Michelle Rowen

Nikki Donovan’s life is average. In the time she’s spent in her new hometown of Erin Height she has managed to befriend the school’s most popular girl, and has caught the much desired attention of the hottest guy, Chris.darker thanOn the outside, Nikki Donovan is nothing more than your average sixteen year old girl. But on the inside she’s something much more extraordinary, something much

All average facts of Nikki’s average life.

But things are about to change when Michael, a creepy yet mysterious guy starts following her. Michael doesn’t want to cause her any harm, in fact he’s following her to protect her, and to tell her who she really is. Michael has come to tell her that, not only is her long-lost father dying, but he’s also King of the Shadowlands. In Nikki’s terms, he’s a demon. If he’s king then she’s…a princess. A demon princess. 

From the moment she finds out Nikki’s world is suddenly turned upside down. She finds herself believing in things she was taught is only fantasy. More importantly though, she finds herself fighting not only for her father’s life, but her own. 

Will this princess rise to the top, or will her reign over the Shadowlands fall short? 

Author Michelle Rowen has done something unthinkable in today’s day and age. She’s written a paranormal storyline that is witty, original, and uniquely her own. Even though demons have been written out countless times, Demon Princess is fresh. 

The story of Demon Princess: Reign or Shine is much more than the story of a girl turned demon. Underneath it all the plot is about the changes – mental, physical, and psychological – that teenage girls often go though in discovered who they are, and accepting that discovery. 

 Rowen does a great job at illustrating those changes and that same acceptance. Though strong characters, especially Nikki, Rowen has set a new standard of strong female characters. Nikki, not always decisive, is strong-willed, determined, and courageous. 

Rowen’s book, at the heart of it, is paranormal fiction. However it is laced with action and adventure, a bit of mystery, and for all those romance lovers out there, some of that too. Rowen does a great job at balancing each aspect out and writing a well-balanced book.


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