Book of the Week: Mermaid Queen

Book of the Week, Children's

Mermaid Queen: The Spectacular True Story of Annette Kellerman, Who Swam Her Way to Fame, Fortune, and Swimsuit History by Shana Corey

Published Scholastic Press 2009

The reasons why I like this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I have a slight obsession with anything mermaid related.

The artwork is elegant yet flashy enough to draw attention.

Even though it’s a biography of Annette Kellerman, it’s formatted to look like a picture book.

When reading, it not only looks like a picture book, but is written like one too. It’s not full of boring facts about Annette Kellerman, but rather facts that are interesting and key to her life story.          

The story sends a great message to strive and work hard towards what you want.

An interesting fact I found was that the book offered a history of swimsuits, and even showed pictures of styles from the 50s, 60, 70s, etc..

A sport, other than football, baseball – anything having to do with a ball – is featured (swimming, synchronized swimming).