Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson   

One decision can change your life. No one knows this better than Tyler. Because of one decision to vandalize his high school he’s been looked at in a whole new way. At home, to his father he’s still the screw up who needs a hair cut, but at school his peers no longer loot at him as the nerd they can either ignore or beat up. No now, they look as him as if he’s dangerous, in an “I’ve been arrested” sort of way. Attention like this isn’t always flattering or wanted, except when said attention is coming from the school’s hottest girl – Bethany Milbury.She’s not only beautiful and popular, but she’s also the sister of his biggest enemy Chip. Tyler has no chance with the girl of his dreams, the girl he fantasizes about all too often, but after a summer of hard labor he’s put on a few muscles and caught her eye.   

But Bethany and Tyler  are on opposite sides  of the social spectrum, and her brother Chip (Tyler’s biggest enemy) will do everything to stop what he sees happening. But Chip’s dislike for Tyler does not stop his sister with sitting at Tyler’s lunch table, touching him 2.4 times in one day, or flirting with her. So when she asks him to one of the school’s biggest sporting events on/around Halloween Tyler doesn’t hesitate to accept the invitation – even if it means showing up at a party where he isn’t wanted nor welcomed.   

Because Bethany’s Bethany, and Tyler’s Tyler he goes against his probation regulations and against his better judgement. Tyler shows up though and finds a very drunk Bethany, and he knows nothing good is going to come from this night – and his instincts were proven true when the following day pictures of a naked Bethany show up on the internet. What happened to Bethany? Was she raped? And more importantly, is Tyler going to be held responsible due to his new, dangerous reputation?   

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson is a gut-wrenching ride of emotions. Never knowing what is going to happen next, Anderson relies, not only on her novel, but the twisted ways in which people think, and believe so easily.  Seamlessly written, Anderson has not only written a great young adult novel, but an honest, believable one. 
Anderson has written a novel about the bleak reality that teens face during their four-year run in high school. Realities being cruel, unjust, and often time unbearable – realities that we adults forget the minute the graduation cap is tossed in the air.  This book provokes those old emotions out of their hiding places and sheds new light onto them.  But no matter how bleak or twisted the plot gets, there is a lightness surrounding it.
But what really makes this book great is the fact that Anderson has perfected the art of telling a story from the male perspective. Some may think that female author’s cannot capture the feelings of the male character, but in this case Anderson excels. The perspective is strong, honest, and one of a kind. Twisted is a relatable read to Anderson fans and avid readers alike.