Book of the Week: Mirror by Suzy Lee


Mirror by Suzy Lee

Published: Seven Footer Press in 2010

The reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I picked up this book because, honestly, the cover intrigued me.

 I thought this book was simplistic without underestimating the imagination of a child.

Mirror is wordless, but the story translates well from the provided illustrations.

Because it’s wordless children’s have the freedom to make up their own plot, allowing them to be authors in their own, unique way.

The colors used in this book are minimal – black, white, grey, and yellow.

White space is used extremely well to better exemplify the main character looking at her reflection and only her reflection.

In a round about way, I liked how the central theme of the plot was emotions. I liked that because I feel that a book like Mirror is all about emotions, and the kinds of emotions it provokes.

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