An Abundance of Katherine’s

An Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green

Colin, an annogramming  whiz kid, has had it all. He was a child prodigy who excelled at practically everything, and he has successfully dated only girls named Katherine. No Kathy’s, Kat’s, or Katie’s included – strictly Katherine’s (and yes, it must be spelled that exact way). But shortly after his high school graduation and after Katherine the nineteenth dumped him all that he had is suddenly gone.

But luckily for Colin his (only) best friend Hassan has the perfect solution to all of Colin’s troubles – a road trip. Easily convinced Colin and Hassan set out onto the open road hoping to find less Katherine’s and more roadside attractions (like the world’s largest cross) – great just what Colin needs, or is it. 

Being the child prodigy that he is, rather was, Colin has an affinity for most subjects, especially history. So while driving through backwoods (Gutshot) Tennessee Colin immediately notices a billboard advertising the Arch Duke Ferdinand’s grave. Not being able to resist, the two are suddenly headed in the direction of Gutshot, and little do they know, but toward the direction of their future. Through misguided adventures (wild pig hunting, figuring out the love theorem) and unlikely relationships (Hollis and Lindsey Wells) Colin may have finally found his eureka moment, but was it all that he thought it would be? 

An Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green  is exceptionally well realized and well written. This book isn’t only full of funny witticisms, but it is full of odd facts and thoughts that will send readers to Wikipedia quicker than any school report can.  For example, can an algebraic equation really sum up the course of a romantic relationship, or predict the outcome? And where exactly is the Arch Duke Ferdinand buried?

Each character featured in this book is well-developed. And where one lacks, the other’s make up for it. For example Colin is a very funny guy, but not in the typically funny way. However, best friend Hassan is laugh out loud funny. Even the Katherine’s (who weren’t a major part of the storyline) are greatly crafted and developed in a way to fit into, not only the storyline, but Colin’s life.

John Green has created a new genre (dude lit as opposed to chick lit), or is slowly perfecting one that already exists.   An Abundance of Katherine’s can easily appeal to anyone. It won’t matter to girls the main character is a boy, and it won’t matter to boys if the main focus is romance.  It’s just that great!

One quick, final note – check this video out!

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