All Unquiet Things

All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab

Everyone know what it’s like to find and to lose their first loves. But if you’re Neily Monroe than you know what it’s like to find her … dead. Carly Ribelli was murdered – shot several times in the chest. And since finding her blue lipped and busted up, Neily hasn’t been the same. He can’t sleep, and if he does he’s consumed of nightmares, he’s dropped out of his advanced study program, and if he ever disliked the in-crowd he now HATES them.

Audrey is an average teenager with a not so average family history. Her mother took off – for good – when she was six, and her father was just a drunk and compulsive gambler until a jury found Enzo Ribelli guilty. Of what? Murder – guilty of murdering Audrey’s cousin and best friend Carly.

In the past, they didn’t have the best relationship, if fact it was mere toleration. Fact is, if it weren’t for Carly the two wouldn’t have bothered one another.Neily was just her boyfirend and Carly her cousin/best friend. After an unsettling year apart the two are awkwardly reunited.

But it’s been a long year and things have changed for both of them. Audrey is back and seeks the help of Neily – the only person she can trust to help her – to find Carly’s real murderer. Together, step by step, this awkward duo of investigators learn to trust one another, to be friends despite Carly, and more importantly uncover the brutal, ugly truth as to who really killed Carly.

All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab is a classic example of a who done it mystery. It’s full of suspense, intrigue, and plot twisting questions. But Jarzab goes beyond the who done it mystery and presents another interwoven story line – a story that tells of love and friendships, and closely examines the need and want for human relationships.  

This book is not only well written, but it was carefully planned and crafted. Each character gives in-depth insight to who Carly was – not just as a friend and girlfriend but as a main character. Told from alternating perspectives readers have the chance to examine what each were feeling – at the time of Carly’s murder and at the time they were trying to uncover the truth. Jarzab paid close attention to the emotions attached to each character and to each situation.  


All Unquiet Things is a quick read that will keep you entertained, guessing, and gripping the edge of your seat. Readers can’t help try to solve this mystery along with Neily and Audrey – coming up with  their own suspects, theories, and motives.  






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