A Jewel of Information

Admittedly, I love to read the Sunday Star Ledger Parade. Sad, but true, it’s the one think featured within the newspaper that I can read over and over. This Sunday’s edition especially interested me – and should interest any Babysitter’s Club fans out there.

“Q: Ann M. Martin just released a new Baby-Sitters Club novel. Please tell me that she plans on writing more – she still has a lot of fans! B. Marie, Darien, Ill. A: The Summer Before is actually a prequel that tells how the Club’s original four members first got together. Martin’s publisher, Scholastic, will also be reissuing the original BSC titles to join the 176 million already in print. As for new Baby-Sitters Club books, “Never say never,” Martin says. “When the series ended [1986-2000], I told my editor that I would never write another. But the prequel was a lot of fun – so who knows?” (From the Sunday, May 2, 2010 issue of the Sunday Star Ledger Parade)

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